So Last October I Recorded/produced/engineered three tracks with these guys Wyson, A solid four piece Rock/Indy Band From Bishops Castle Shropshire. Each a good player in his own right, they had strong songs, catchy riffs and nice lyrical motifs.

They also turned out to be hard working, I found that they we're able to maintain their vision throughout the recording process. Accepting both criticism and praise, allowing themselves to investigate the process of tracking without getting hung up on the endless possibility that it can offer.   

Their track "Citys" was and is my particular favourite, both to listen to and to work on. I think this track Found its-self situated comfortably in the four days tracking, It didn't seem to be the bands main focus but it always felt like an exiting session to open and move onto.

Also this past April I was lucky enough to catch their live show, it was a real treat to hear the tracks played live. Click on the pic to check em out on the social media circus and links. 

Joe Carty The bands drummer has recently been in-touch to say that tracks from this ep have been played on BBC Radio. Well done Wyson, keep up the good work!

(Written By __DunkBurns__)