In early autumn 2014 I bought 17 meters of black and white 35mm film from a Scottish man called Dave.

the film is PAN F 50 asa  sold as unopened but expired. expiry date was November 1946. ....! 

I rolled and shot some pictures straight away to test it out... using some old chemicals i chose to develop the film for fourteen mints, after processing the film in my sink i opened the developing tank... not only did i find images but the negative was clear and had a really special quality to it. that night i thought about printing some of the photo's but then I thought wait.... this stuff was meant to expire in 1946. it can wait another month until November. sixty eight years after it didn't expire! 

that's proof to me that film photography is time travel. 

to honer this discovery i thought i would create an image from the past in the present using only techniques available in past photo printing. In the dark room I created analogue photographs of a dinosaur in the lake district. In the dark room i found the real Photoshop. no computers, just light and time. 


All of these pictures were shot through 35mm slr using isopan f still awesome sixty eight years after expiry.

my thanks to gary benson for pushing me to try it.