Over the years Penny has written music for every use imaginable. She is a classically trained musician who truly enjoys experimenting with sound and music. 

Penny has played in countless bands of various styles and descriptions. As a full timer dedicated to all things 'sound' Penny has created and hosted lots of brilliant musical groups, projects and events.

She was particularly well known in the late seventies to early eighties for building and supporting the folk club movement in and around the West Midlands with John Burns and Alan Tipple in their band Tamarisk. 

She moved out to the countryside and began to build more open music groups in rural places,    such as the Elastic Band and later on Spotlight in Bishop's Castle.

The 'Spotlight' project was an open mic / jam-night, held every month in an inviting little hall called the Church Barns in Bishop's Castle. This flourished and developed into live events at the Three Tuns every other fortnight.

It is hard to express how much this has supported the younger generation of musicians in Bishop's Castle. There has been a buzz in the town from great young local musicians ever since the Spotlight project was invented."

Penny is also mum, which is nice.            Check out  PennyBurns Music     https://soundcloud.com/pennyburns 

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