lights out there 

Today i visited Francesca Woodman's Photography exhibition in Newtown Powys. it is held at the Orial Davies Gallery near the bus park. Her photographs were small and powerful. I was stunned to see this beautiful girl in most of the 23 photos. The girl is the artist Francesca. Most of these photos are self portraits in deteriorating spaces. I was really impressed by the quality of her prints and photos. not only had she captured meaningful moments often planed and perfectly executed but they also left me with a undeniable feeling of having witnessed something honest and special. To know her hands held these prints and watched them meterialise into the world adds to that precious feeling.

Francesca Woodman Died age 22, she took her own life by way of jumping out of  a loft window. No doubt if she had lived longer she would be even better well known and would have given us more beautiful photographs. but its safe to say that in her 22 years she has left a great impression on her chosen art form. and as of today at the very least, one more human sole.
the exhibition runs until february 25th and is well worth a look.

New track.. 

Im starting this new year by selling lots of cool stuff in SHOP 

Keep a look as Im updating regularly. starting with cameras

soon to be followed by audio gear and musical instruments.


just printed this little beauty. shot last year on 35mm film that expired in 1946. paper expired in 1976. long live film...

 remember... photography was invented in 1839, the same year that time travel was invented. 

My Friend Gary is Exibeting photos at the Happy Bab In Bishops Castle Through  December.



this film was ment to expire in 1946, but it still works! really well! 

I Just finished this video for amazing megan henwood.

Brother pete's wonderful woodwork website


and free music

Leave snacks for the moon.

 light dodging and Photo printing   

Hear is me and beth prior playin me tune Time for change into two mobile phones one with a 2x teleconverter sellotaped to the front. 

you can find Beths music at

shes very good.

also her sleeping dog is in this video! can you spot him through the pixels and gloom?




Courtesy of Brother Pete, badger awareness foundation.

A link to a good read..

I just developed my summer. 

This little beauty  fly's around my house come rain or shine, butterfly is nice to live with. November 2013 

35mm film

Just set up a new exhibition with my wife Jamie furbur at the 

shrewsbury coffeehouse. 

exhibiting all through June


Thanks for all the kindness I found in Normandy!

We're walking backwards talking faster than we can understand.


She looks fixedly at me, but doesn't answer. Its as

 if my question's taken a wrong turn and been

 sucked into some nameless space .  

from the book Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami.

its too hot to be thinking  about nothing. 

Does This Make Any Sense?

dont pay more attention to what you associate words with than what words mean.

 Three legged cat.. watcher on the porch.


"Cynicism isn't wisdom its a lazy way of saying

  you've been burned"  (NANA GRIZOL) 



Stir it up sunday .

Nothing is real. 

 People's of Bishops Castle!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just committed my entire cd 

collection to the Dog shop. get in there if you want some more music's.

my friend Abby has opened a lovely nice

shop in Bishops Castle called Life is Beautiful. 

its on the high street opposite  Vaults pub 

go do a look.


The Bruges Cruise.

Poets don't have hearts they only have  words..




Quote of the week.

"British men won't catch you when you jump"


spring is the season for drawing! lots of light. 

Look out for signs . 

Wahey I Got My Films From trip Icelands developed and Printed .

Drums Drums Drums yum  Finished all the drums

 for the next  Fight the Bear album

Check out the new words page?  soon to have a short story.

 a little sketch from a kitchen window while my friend

 cooks cabbage.

End Of winter..

   Here's some nice grainy pictures from a sleepy bus journey.

 Taken on a digital camera I got  from a truly great shop, The bishops castle dog charity shop.

        As nice as Iceland.                           nIceland.

Right, Im off to Iceland.


New ideas.

Well here we are. 
You there and me here.
We are two very different people looking at the 
same things from different
 places reading these same words but deriving Totally 
different meanings.


Slow down and do less more frequently..

End of autumn ...


I drew this aliens vs dinosaur while sat in a pub in Oxford talking 

to a stranger.

He asked me what i was drawing and why i was drawing it.

I still have no answers. but it did make me wonder.

Since then i have been carrying the picture around in my pocket 

asking some of the people 

i meet who they think will win this battle? alien is currently 

winning 24 votes to 19. I will keep this updated.

more scribble.. .

Autumn is a good time for skateboarding, cooking tasty foods and Burning things in a garden.

This Month I have been mainly recording warmth and hisssssssssssssssss.