I Penny Crayoned Bruce Parry!
I saw Bruce in a drunken vision last Tuesday night after open mic and decided to draw him on a t-shirt for my friends fancy dress party. The theme for the party was Wild Things.
I somehow managed to dial him out of goog with a laundry marker. then Bam! a neighbour tells me she is going to see Bruce in a few days time promoting his new film Tawai, two days later he materialized... Complete coincidence lead me to the voice from the forest, It was a great film and worthy of watching more than once.

Built a wrist watch 28.6.17

Twenty five 35mm color films processed 18.5.17

Built myself some Glasses 8.3.17

Bitmap self portrait

A vision in the crumbling plaster


Pre Order EP here.

I re carved the inside of my Guitar case so that it would fit either of my guitars.

So glad this worked out ok.....

I found a Lock and guessed the combination.

This little one joined tonight's mixing session! strange for November but welcome none the less.

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